Carrison Sound is comprised of Tony Carrison and Sons Nicholas and David
All of them have IMDb credits and are involved in various projects on a regular basis. 
Tony Carrison has been Involved with location sound for television and film since 1990,
with an audio background dating back to 1976 doing radio production and studio work.
Nicholas has been a location sound mixer since 2006.
His credits include numerous television shows and currently working with Leftfield Productions
on their hit show Pawn Stars. He has also been boom operator for numerous independent films as listed on IMDb.
David has been involved in several ENG projects and has worked a number of independent films as boom operator and utility. See IMDb credits.
All equipment is up to date and top of the line with brands such as:
Lectrosonics, Sound Devices, Comtek, Sennheiser, Tram, Sanken, Audio Technica, Denecke timecode, MOZEGEAR timecode, PSC, Rycote, and K-tek.
Booking and Contact information:
Tony Carrison          702-539-9380   email:
Nicholas Carrison   702-539-8117   email:
David Carrison       702-782-8404  email: 
Mailing address: 

5596 Fire Island Drive
Las Vegas  NV  89120